T-shirt Kitchen Towels

I am a self-proclaimed neat freak, so we go through paper towels very quickly in our kitchen. I started feeling guilty about the amount of toweling I was throwing away each day, so when I came across Miss Sews-it-all: T-Shirt Wipe-Ups Tutorial I was excited to give it a try!

I made a few short-cuts in my instructions below. Enjoy!

Step 1: Cut out a template for the size of towel you want to create. I used a shoe box cover for my template. Turn t-shirt inside out and smooth out on flat surface.


Step 2: Place your template according to where you want the design on your t-shirt featured and trace accordingly. I used a washable Crayola marker, but you can use a fabric marking pen/pencil as well.


Step 3: Cut around your marked lines. Be sure you are cutting the front and the back of the t-shirt together.


Step 4: Pin pieces together.


Step 5: Sew together (using suggested settings below), leaving a small opening on one side to allow you to flip right side out.


Step 6: Flip right side out and smooth flat (lightly pushing out corners).


Step 7: Sew all the way around your piece (using suggested settings below). The only place I used a pin in this step was at the small opening, to make sure the sides stayed tucked in when I sewed over that section.

image[7] image[8]



We use these constantly for wiping counters, washing dishes and cleaning up our messy eater (Noeland). We have minimized our use of paper towels and I love that they are personalized! Many of these shirts have slight sentimental value, so this project is a great way to extend their use.

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