Birthday Banner and Balloon Arrangement

noelyNoeland turned two in December! Since we went all-out for his first birthday, we decided to keep his second birthday a little more low key and celebrated with family at our home.

We figured we have a few years to take advantage of before he starts making specific birthday theme requests, so I put together a few decorations that were quick and easy but added a ton of birthday cheer!

Noely Bday combo

image[2]The balloon arrangement was inspired by a post from The Pleated Poppy. No helium required, simply tape balloons hanging from different lengths of string to your ceiling, for a customized centerpiece over your table! Our mason jar light was the perfect spot, so I tied string around the base of each light instead. I loved how it turned out, plus it added a soft glow to the room!image[3]

Birthday Banner Tutorial: I had felt and embroidery floss on hand, so I decided to wing it and make a DIY banner for the fireplace. This was so easy to put together, but still has a personalized look!

Complete v2

Step 1: Fold a 9×12 sheet of felt in half (the long way) and draw a zig zag pattern. Cut along the fold.
Note: You can adjust your markings based on the size of banner or individual pennant you want to create.


Step 2: Cut along your marked lines (through both layers of felt), creating three sets of triangles. Each felt sheet should give you six separate pennants/triangles.

image[1]  image[2]

Step 3: With a washable marker or pen, write the letter/number on each pennant. This will be the back side, so you will need to mark the letter in reverse.


Step 4: Thread a needle with ebroidery floss, pull halfway through and tie knot at end.


Step 5: Starting from the back side (the side marked with letter/number), pull floss all the way through to the front side of the felt. Continue to weave in and out of the pennant, following the letter outline.

image[5]  image[6]

Step 6: Once letter is completely outlined, tie knot in floss and cut remaining thread.

image[7] image[8]

Once completed, the front of your pennant should look similar to the below.


Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 for all pennants. Cut one small slit on the top corners of each pennant and string ribbon through. This is the only way I was able to keep the edges from curling up.

Complete 2 v2

That’s it! We hung across the fireplace, but this would also look great on the birthday boy/girl chair or entryway. I folded mine up after the party and stored it for next year!

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